4 ways to identify fake cbd products before you buy
by Kriss Berg, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Cannabist
Millions of seniors across America are rejoicing at the results they're getting from newly legalized CBD products.

They're raving about the pain relief, the improved sleep, and lower anxiety.

However, many people are not seeing any results.  

And now we know why.

Inferior, unsafe and even fake products are everywhere.

It seems like everyone with a bathtub and a website has started making and selling CBD...

In fact 31 people in Utah wound up in the emergency room last year after taking synthetic CBD.

At a recent hearing the FDA found that less than 10% of the available CBD products meet industry quality standards.

And less than 22% of CBD products contain the two essential 'X-factor' ingredients that make it so effective.

No wonder they're calling for tighter regulations in the industry as they crack down on this 'junk CBD'...

CBD can transform your health, but only if you take high quality CBD, in the right formula.

You don't have to wait for the FDA to act, today I am going to show you:
  • 4 easy ways to spot inferior and even fake CBD products that will do nothing for you but drain your bank account
  • PLUS: How to increase the effectiveness of CBD by 7x with 'X-factor' oils and an ancient spice mixture
These tips can skyrocket your CBD results...

And keep you from wasting money on junk CBD.

But I can’t guarantee this post will be here if you come back...

The Silicon Valley tech giants like Google and Facebook, under pressure from Big Pharma...

Are banning CBD information like this every day.

So if you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, or a lack of sleep...

Pay close attention and read to the end as the information in this letter could change your life.

Before I tell how you about 'junk CBD', it's important to understand why we need CBD.

It all starts with...
the secret government study that revealed the body's hidden anti-aging system

The National Institute of Mental Health organized a secret scientific panel in the early 90’s to research CBD’s effect on the brain.

And what they found was shocking...

Instead of just revealing the health benefits of CBD and hemp, they discovered an entirely new system in the body.

Before this study the medical establishment had no idea this system existed.

They called it the endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short.

It’s a fancy way of saying it’s how your body naturally produces it's own cannabinoids...

Which are just like the cannabinoids found in CBD.

Through their experiments they were able to isolate what this system actually does in the body…

They discovered the ECS is primarily responsible for the body's anti-aging processes and inflammation response.

When oxidants, inflammation, toxins or symptoms of aging show up, the ECS kicks into overdrive.

And they found that cannabinoid deficiency, much like a vitamin deficiency, negatively effects your body's ability to fight aging and inflammation.

They are also found that there are more cannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor...

Which just underlines how important this system is your body.

This was a massive health breakthrough that could have helped millions of people.

But unfortunately hemp and CBD were illegal at the time, so the research was buried...

As the government bowed to pressure from their cronies in Big Pharma...

And made sure this information never saw the light of day... until now.

So if a healthy body produces cannabinoids just like CBD on its own...

And a cannabinoid deficiency can affect dozens of different processes in the body...

Then we know for certain...

your body needs cbd
Just like we need to add vitamins and supplements to our regimen to augment our natural functions...

We need to supplement the cannabinoids in our bodies.

In fact, cannabinoids are so important that they are found in abundance in breast milk...

And recent studies have found cannabinoids are essential for early stage development in babies.

And much like a B12 shot supercharges your energy, cannabinoids like CBD supercharges the ECS system.

And CBD is the perfect cannabinoid supplement since it doesn't get you high and it's now legal.

CBD has been shown to support 65 different functions throughout the body.

That’s why our bodies will respond so much better to inflammation, which is primary driver of so many of our health issues as we age.

And that is why...
CBD Has Been Shown To Have At Least 257 Healing Properties
There are now 9,657 studies showing CBD can help a wide range of health issues:
  • Joint pain relief: according to a The European Journal of Medicine report, 93% of patients who received CBD experienced major joint pain relief 
  •  Reduces 'brain plaque': The Salk Institute reports that CBD has been shown to reduce the inflammation that causes amyloid beta, what scientists refer to as 'brain plaque' associated with severe cognitive decline
  • Jumpstarts brain stem cell production: a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry showed that CBD could generate new stem cells in the brain
  •  Improves blood pressure: Oxford University recently released a report that stated “a single dose of CBD improves blood pressure by 23%” 
  •  Boosts mood and lowers anxiety: 58% of patients in a Washington State University study reported better mood and lower anxiety thanks to CBD treatments 
  • Improves sleep: 409 CBD users in a University of New Mexico study reported an average of 45% better sleep without negative side effects 
But these studies all used a specific formula of CBD, which we will discuss in a moment.

You won't get the full effect of CBD if you don't use this formula.

But you won't get ANY effect from it if you buy 'junk CBD'...

4 Ways to identify 
'junk cbd' before you buy

The news was horrifying.

Fifty-two people reporting seizures, hallucinations, and passing out in a small rural town in Utah...

All thanks to fake CBD they had bought locally.  

Thirty-one of them had to go to the emergency room.

They all recovered but they were left asking:

How could this have happened?

Unfortunately with the CBD craze gripping our country, the charlatans and scam artist have come out of the woodwork.

Labels are confusing and often misleading, ingredients are rarely verified...

New industry standards are coming, and the con artists are going to be shut down.

But until that happens, how you can you as a consumer ensure you’re getting high quality CBD?

It's actually pretty easy if you know what to look for...

1. Is Your CBD Full Of Toxins? 

Always ask your supplier for their Certificate of Analysis...

Your CBD maker should be proud of their lab results.

Lab results will actually show you how much CBD is in the product, how much THC it has, and if there are any impurities, toxins or additives. 

Any company that buries their lab results probably has something to hide, so don't buy it.
2. Is Your CBD Coming From A Swamp in China? 

Unfortunately Chinese-grown hemp is coming to the US by the boatload. 

The problem with that is the hemp plant acts like a sponge for any pesticides, heavy metals, and contaminants in the soil. 

And foreign growers are notorious for using chemicals and faking test results. 

So if you're CBD maker doesn't mention where the hemp comes from, assume it's foreign hemp - because it probably is.
3. Does Your CBD Have This Stamp of Approval?

The US Hemp Authority has rigorous growing, processing and bottling standards for CBD makers.  

This certification ensures that you're getting the highest quality product without fillers and contaminants.  

Less than 10% of the CBD products on the market have this seal, so look for it before you buy!
4. Does Your CBD Have These 'X-factors'?

Recent research has shown that CBD doesn't achieve all these incredible benefits by itself. 

There's an 'entourage effect' that can double the results you feel from CBD when you include 'X-factor' essential oils.

And new research shows these X-factors have whole host of benefits of their own...
CBD Alone Is Not Enough:
introducing cbg and cbc
Nature has a way of giving us everything we need to heal.

And when it comes to the hemp plant, it turns out the we need the entire plant.

For years we stripped out CBD oil from hemp leaves and flowers and bottled it.

We called this type of CBD 'isolate'.

But new research shows we should be using the entire plant – leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds.

Researchers recently discovered additional cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in the hemp plant.

Those are fancy words for essential oils that naturally occur in hemp.

We call CBD in its rawest form with all the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes ‘full spectrum CBD’.

The two most prominent cannabinoids in hemp after CBD are CBG and CBC.

They have been called the ‘X-factor’ essential oils because they have been shown to maximize the effect of CBD.

And now research is showing CBG and CBC can:
  • ​kill or slow bacterial growth
  • ​reduce inflammation throughout the body
  • ​inhibit growth of invasive cells
  • ​promote bone growth
  •  increase circulation and decrease pressure in the eye 
  •  reduce paranoia and anxiety 
  •  reduce muscle tension 
  • ​help development of brain stem cells 
  •  increase bioavailability and absorption of CBD 
When we take CBD with these additional cannabinoids, we experience what is being called ‘entourage effect’.
And this entourage effect has been shown to double the effectiveness of CBD…

Double your Results With 
Full Spectrum CBD
In an article in the Journal of Frontier Neurology, data on 670 seizure patients was analyzed.

Seizure patients were given either a CBD isolate, which contained just CBD…

Or a full-spectrum CBD oil containing low levels of CBG and CBC.

After 6 months, the CBD isolate group reported a 36% improvement in frequency of seizures – not bad right?

But, the full spectrum group reported a shocking 71% improvement.

That’s a 97% improvement over CBD by itself.

In another pain study, CBD isolate stopped working at a certain dosage.

But full spectrum CBD worked better as dosages went up.

So full spectrum is far more effective.

Unfortunately, even full spectrum hemp comes with a warning because...

Why most cbd is a 
waste of money

If you're using full spectrum hemp oil by itself, you're likely only absorbing 16% of it.

But there's an easy way to make sure you're absorbing up to 96% of the CBD you take...

As you probably know CBD is an oil.  

The body, which is made up of 60% water, does not absorb oils well.  

To make CBD more water soluble, and therefore more absorbable in the body, we need to either...

1. Change the molecular structure of the CBD, or

2. Add some natural enhancers that will allow for greater absorption.

Changing the molecular structure of CBD has its own pitfalls.

Just like with anything natural, the minute you start over-processing it you lose some of it's natural healing ability...

Some processes can actually break the chemical bond of the CBD and other terpenes...

Meaning the processing is doing more harm than good.

It's actually more effective and much safer to add natural absorption enhancers to CBD.

And there a two enhancers that not only increase absorption 6 times, but also have a wide range of health benefits too...
the ancient spice combination that Magnifies your cbd results by 6x
European researchers are way ahead of the US when it comes to CBD.

So it's no surprise researchers in Europe discovered an incredibly simple way to get a 6-fold increase in CBD absorption:

Simply add a combination of turmeric and piperine to CBD. 

Turmeric as you know is a century old spice which is primarily found in curry.

Piperine is the active ingredient in black pepper.

The double-blind, placebo controlled study actually looked at 7 different enhancers, including some prescription-grade chemicals...

The combination of turmeric and piperine won hands down, averaging a 6x increase in absorption rate.

So instead of absorbing a measly 16% of the CBD you take, you could absorb 96%. 

That's why we say you can 7x your CBD results...

Double your results with full spectrum CBD and then get 6X results by adding turmeric and piperine...

Turmeric of course is the bestselling natural supplement over the past five years that has a massive list of benefits on it's own...

There are now 13,337 studies showing just how powerful this incredible root is...

Scientists confirm turmeric is as effective as 14 different prescription drugs
There is far more research on turmeric than CBD, and the benefits keep piling up.

It seems every day researchers find a new use for this ancient spice:
  • Reduces bad cholesterol: a study in Nutritional Journal of 649 patients showed turmeric can reduce LDL, or 'bad', cholesterol by 72% 
  •  Reduces inflammation:​a study in Pharmacological Review showed turmeric to be 2-3x more effective in reducing inflammation markers in people who suffer from joint pain 
  •  More effective than aspirin: a study published in the Journal of The American Medical Association showed turmeric to be 10x more effective than aspirin for pain sufferers 
  •  Eliminates a cause of obesity: State University of New York at Buffalo researchers showed that turmeric can reduce the metabolic inflammation that many now believe is the primary driver of obesity 
  •  Enhances mood: The Journal of Affective Disorders showed that turmeric is as effective as many mood-enhancing drugs for depression treatment 
  •  Detoxifies the body: a Japanese study showed turmeric to be very effective in detoxifying the liver 
  •  Kills invasive bacteria: Biomedical Research International published data that it has strong antibacterial effects in the body 
  •  Effective in regulating blood sugar: Another study published in Traditional Complementary Medicine showed turmeric to be 500x more effective than a common blood-sugar regulating drug 
It's no wonder that even medical doctors are now recommending it to patients instead of prescription drugs.

We believe CBD and turmeric are so powerful when you combine them that we created an exclusive, never-before-seen formula with both of these in what we like to call 'The Miracle Combination':
'the miracle Combination':
6000mg of Turmeric 
300mg of Full Spectrum CBD
Now you can harness the power of two incredible pain-fighting and inflammation-reducing remedies in one easy-to-swallow capsule.

You'll only find this formula right here. 

This is truly the CBD solution of the future...

My name is Kriss Berg, Certified Nutritionist & Certified Cannabist.

I've spent the last 10 years here in Colorado researching and developing legal cannabis treatments for thousands of clients.

Along with Dr. Mary Clifton, MD and Dr. Ralph La Guardia, MD, we create safe, legal, effective remedies.

They both have extensive experience formulated and prescribing natural and CBD-based pain relievers. 

This combination of full spectrum CBD and turmeric with piperine can yield up to 597% better results than most CBD supplements.

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I can feel it working in minutes
WOW! I'm so impressed with your product I would like to inquire about investing in your company.

I had been on 3 different prescription medications before I tried TurmeriCBD. Now I don't take them anymore and the awful side effects that come with them are long gone.

I can't believe this stuff works so well, but it does and I'll be a customer for life.
David Martin, 4/6/19
Now that you know how important it is to check the lab results of your CBD, here are ours.  

Click on the image below to see it, and note we include CBC and CBG for maximum benefits...
Every single batch is tested for bacteria, toxins, and contaminants.  

Our facility is inspected by the government every month to ensure we stick to the highest quality standards.

Plus our CBD is organically-grown in the lush, clean fields of northeastern Colorado. 

We visit the farms frequently, and much of our hemp comes from my cofounder Chaz's cousin Todd Shively.

There are never any chemicals used in the growing and processing of our hemp...
And our lab facility (under the name Nutrition Formulators) is now US Hemp Authority Certified!  

USHA has only certified 15 labs, which means that less than 10% of all the product on the market is certified!  

We use supercritical CO2 extraction, the cleanest and best extraction technology on the market.

TurmeriCBD® has been blessed by the highest hemp authority in America.

Relieves Joint & Muscle Stiffness


Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels


Supports Memory & Brain Function


Helps Control Appetite


Supports Healthy Weight Loss


Improves Focus and Mood


Improves Sleep Quality


Boosts Skin Radiance

Two of my favorite supplements in one pill
I had such a good experience with both turmeric and CBD, I was thrilled to see it in one pill.  And TurmeriCBD works great.  

I was headed for hip replacement surgery before I found this combo, that was 5 years ago and my hip is great now.  

And I feel a lot less anxiety, especially driving which used to really raise my blood pressure.  Now I just have a happy-go-lucky time driving around, traffic or no traffic.

I am a true believer.  Price is great too!
Linda Meyers, 4/28/19

Includes Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

Prosper TurmeriCBD® is manufactured with 100% All Natural ingredients. Our formula is free of GMOs, gluten, dairy, and soy. Prosper CBD products contain no hormones, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients. 

Our CBD Is Full Spectrum and US-Grown

Full spectrum has been shown to be more effective thanks to 'the entourage effect'. This means that the entire plant, which is used to create full-spectrum oil, has flavonoids and terpenes that help make CBD more effective. This means you'll feel CBD faster and for longer. 

We Only Use Organically-Grown Hemp

We work directly with Colorado-based hemp growers for all our products and insist on no pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals used in growing and harvesting the hemp in your new supplement.  Our CBD is supercritical CO2 extracted, which is the best available extraction technology.

No High, Completely Legal

While there is a tiny amount of THC in our formula, it's far too little to get you high.  The federal government has set the legal limit at 0.3% for THC, as this is the level at which most users will feel the psychoactive effects of THC. Our formula has less than 0.1% THC.

The Highest Bioavailability Turmeric 

We use liposomal encapsulation for our turmeric which offers the highest bioavailability in the industry.  With liposomal encapsulation and Bioperine, you'll absorb up to 97.6% of our turmeric. Our turmeric is 95% curcuminoids, the active ingredient in turmeric!

Plus We Include BioPerine For Maximum Absorption

BioPerine is a patented form of piperine, which has been shown to enhance the absorption of nutrients like CBD and turmeric. The 10mg of BioPerine in our formula ensure that you get all the benefits Turmeric Curcumin has to offer.

Proudly Made In The USA

These all-natural, GMO-free turmeric curcumin capsules are manufactured in the USA in a FDA inspected facility and are third-party certified for purity and potency. We routinely do quality and safety checks to make sure that you have the highest quality product that money can buy.

US Hemp Authority Certified

The US Hemp Authority sets standards at all levels of growing and processing hemp. Our processing facility was certified in February of this year and is inspected every 90 days.  If it's got the seal you can trust it!
compare the cost of 
TurmeriCBD® to the alternatives  
If you've looked at CBD recently you know that companies are charging outrageous prices.

They know how effective it is and how hard it is to get for some people.  

So they're raking in millions overcharging their clients.

And they're trying convince you that more CBD equals better results.

But if you're not absorbing their CBD, how much good can it do for you?

We take a different approach...  

Our goal is to help millions of people kick the prescription drug habit and say goodbye to pain forever.  

So we're willing to make less to help more people by making an affordable and truly absorbable product.

That way you can spend less on your CBD supplement, absorb more, and feel the effects better.

But we're still focused on quality.  

We use only Colorado-grown hemp and no GMO's, pesticides, herbicides are used during the growing and processing.  

Having a direct relationship with our hemp supplier means we're aren't paying middlemen.    

And since our product uses the entire hemp plant, we do minimal processing in our lab.  

And that means a lower cost, more effective product.

Thanks to the power of turmeric and piperine, our CBD is more absorbable, and you can take less.

Before trying TurmeriCBD®, many of our clients were spending $70-$100  per month for CBD, and another $20 to $30 per month on turmeric.

Now you can enjoy a pain-free, anxiety-free life for less than a dollar a day.

Just click below to select your package right now:

Click Below To Select Your 
TurmeriCBD® Package
Changed my life!
I've tried everything.  And I do mean everything.

Nothing works as well as this does.  My back pain fades in about 20 minutes after taking two pills.  And I only take it once a day.

Plus my sleep is so much better. Not sure if it's because of the pills or just the fact my back doesn't hurt anymore.  I don't really care either way, because I haven't slept this well in years.

And the price is the best I've found yet.  It's win-win for me guys, don't change a thing.
Peter Mason, 5/1/19
My forever money back guarantee 
I know you've probably tried other supplements with plenty of big claims. 

And if you've made this far, I'm willing to bet those formulas have let you down. 

I truly believe TurmeriCBD® will work for you as it has for so many of my clients. 

But just in case it doesn't, you just don't like it, or for any reason whatsoever you want your money back, I'm going to offer my Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee.
You don't have to decide today, tomorrow, or a month from now.  

Take your time with the formula, see if it works for you.
"ok, but does it really Work?" 
Just ask our clients:
"I was about to schedule knee replacement and then decided to try this. My doctor can't believe how quickly the inflammation went down.  Now I got him taking it too!  True believer... - Hallie Eaker
"I have severe anxiety and knee pain and nothing I tried worked.  TurmeriCBD made me feel calmer and happier within about 20 minutes.  And my knee is so much better I am back to walking 3 miles day!  It's been truly life-changing, thanks for making TurmeriCBD guys!"  - Maryanne P.
"I'm 75 and had a lifetime of back pain, including two surgeries. I have probably spent close to $30,000 on doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists.  I've been taking your CBD and turmeric for 5 weeks and I feel so much better than I ever did with those other methods. I can't believe how well it works. I don't even think about my back anymore."  - Robert Walters
"I love TurmeriCBD!  I have tried 5 other brands and nothing works as well as this!  I have bad wrists, knees, hips, heck almost everything.  This stuff makes it all better.  I won't ever run out, my life is too good now.  Thanks goodness for this stuff! - Janice M.
Click Below To Select Your 
TurmeriCBD® Package
It's time for Safe, Effective Relief for dozens 
of health problems...
If you're curious about CBD and it's benefits...

Or if you've tried CBD and been disappointed...

Or if you're using CBD now and looking to maximize your results...

There's an easy, affordable way to do that now.

TurmeriCBD® can support and relieve:

  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Brain Stem Cell Production
  •  Memory and Focus
  •  Restful Sleep
  •  Sustainable Weight Loss
  •  A Healthy Heart
And you know you can trust TurmeriCBD®.

With our industry certifications, Colorado-grown hemp, and quality ingredients...

We're confident this is the BEST CBD+Turmeric formula you'll find on the market.

The time to decide is now, I can't guarantee this offer and this information will be here if you come back later.

So click on the green button below and start your journey toward a healthy, vibrant life...
Kriss Berg, CN, CC
P.S.  Sorry I need a favor from you before you go :)

When you're back to exercising, working around the house, playing with your family and enjoying life again, please send me a photo of you doing what you love.  

Don't worry I won't publish it, it's just one of the things that make all this worth it.  

I get dozens of photos a day, and I will cherish yours too.  
Frequently Asked Questions ABout 
Does it really work? 
About 85% of the clients we polled say TurmeriCBD® works for their pain, anxiety, and even sleep needs.

Is it legal? 
Yes, the 2018 Farm Bill made all hemp-based products with less than 0.3% THC legal.  Our TurmeriCBD® formula is made from Colorado-grown hemp and has .025%, which is 92% less than the maximum allowed.  There are some more restrictions at the state level, but state lawmakers are scrambling to change these as residents demand CBD products.

Will I get high?
No, you'll definitely feel TurmeriCBD® but it won't get you high.  THC in marijuana in the 60's and 70's was about 4%.  Now it can be as high as 12%.  So .025% is far too low to get you high.  Our CBD formula will give a nice mellow feeling, as it calms anxiety, but there is no high.

Will I fail a drug test?
The chances are really really low.  It is a possibility though, so it's worth a conversation with your Human Resources department about the risks.  We can't guarantee anything, so beware.

Do you have your testing available?
Yep, it's updated right here regularly.

Will this program work for seniors?
Yep.  Most of our clients are 55+, so it works great for them.  

Are there any recurring charges? 
Nope, never.  I personally hate it when you look at your credit card statement and there's a mystery charge on there.  And then that sinking feeling when you realize they've been charging you for months. So I vowed to never do monthly charges, memberships or autoship with anything.  You pay once unless you specifically sign up for our monthly program, which you can do after checkout.  

What extraction process do you use? 
We use CO2 extraction, which is the gold standard in the industry for quality and effectiveness.

How do I take TurmeriCBD®?
TurmeriCBD® comes in easy-to-swallow capsules, so you can take whenever you need it the most.  Most people take in the morning for pain, or at night for sleep, but it works best with a little food.

What is the recommended dosage?
We recommend you start at a slightly higher dosage to activate the CBD receptors in the body for the first few days, and then taper back to a maintenance dose.  So most people would take 3-4 capsules per day to start for 4-5 days, and then go to a 1-2 capsule per day dose.

Are there negative side effects?
Not really, no. We've never had anyone have an allergic reaction.  Occasionally our clients report that they felt slightly lightheaded with the first one or two doses, but this is extremely rare.  

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TurmeriCBD® Package
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